Join the Ringhotels

A community to feel comfortable

Ringhotels e.V. is one of the leading private hotel cooperations in Germany. All member hotels meet high quality standards and are classified as three-star-superior or four-star establishments. Offering members a well-established brand identity and wide range of joint marketing, sales and reservations activities, the cooperation assists in strengthening the market position of individual member hotels, who benefit from an increase in occupancy and turnover, as well as giving them the competitive edge in terms of image.

For more than 40 years

Our guests have confidence in the individuality and quality of our member hotels. Our hoteliers have belief in our strong brand and competence.

What does the 'Ringhotels' brand stand for?

The Ringhotels brand stands for individuality within the scope of a larger community, for quality, authenticity and regional particularities. Our cooperation unites active members who combine professionalism with passion - because they care about their guests. This personal approach which the guest experiences in a Ringhotel is nothing new to our cooperation; rather it is an established value which was one of the cornerstones of the association when it was established by the founding members 40 years ago. To this day it is firmly anchored in our sense of who we are.

As a hotelier, which benefits will I have becoming a Ringhotels member?

By joining a cooperation, a hotel gains access to guest segments which it would normally be difficult for an individual hotel to reach. A brand gives the guest a sense of security in terms of an establishment's ability to satisfy expectations. This is the reason why guests prefer branded hotels over various individual hotels and are therefore also more likely to spend more money. However, we do not only encourage guest contact, we also actively promote communication amongst our member hotels by means of regular seminars and training courses. In this way, all Ringhotels employees are given the opportunity to better understand our philosophy "Because we care for you" and to put this into practice. Well-trained employees are better able to convey the identity of the hotel and of these traditional values, which in turn leads directly to higher levels of guest satisfaction.

Why do guests prefer Ringhotels?

The warm, familial atmosphere that is genuinely conveyed at our hotels makes the guest feel personally welcome. Recognising his needs and being constantly in touch with the guests' wishes is an integral part of our philosophy. Trends and guests' requirements are what determine the content of the Ringhotels profile - this is what makes us unique and so popular with our guests.

Benefits of a Ringhotels membership

  • Use of a strong brand and image
  • Increase reservations and turnover of your hotel
  • Increase your profile regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Access to new guest segments
  • Increase guest loyalty and average length of stay
  • Quality assurance through internal quality management as well as employee qualification
  • Support in coping with daily challenges through experience and solid know-how
  • Cooperative action, exertion of political influence and sharing of industry information and views
  • Attractive cost and pricing benefits
  • Compared with our competitors, we offer our members not only an excellent range of services but also the best price-quality ratio.

Ringhotels offers you

  • National and international marketing of your hotel
  • First class, internet based reservations system
  • National and international sales activities in the private and business travel segments
  • Own, supra-regional guest loyalty program with wide diversity of awards
  • Tailor-made training courses for hotel managers and employees
  • Comprehensive and regular exchange of views and experiences with colleagues
  • Membership in associations like the German Tourism Association and IHA
  • Access to attractive purchasing deals

Membership criteria

There are many ways to show the guest how much you care! And every way that identifies with the Ringhotels philosophy and fulfills the criteria, is highly acceptable!

A Ringhotel...

  • ... is usually a family-owned establishment, but is certainly always individually managed and run
  • ... has a restaurant with high quality, regional cuisine (exception: in cities Ringhotels may offer breakfast facilities only)
  • ... has a hotel classification (DEHOGA) of at least 3-Stars and fulfills internal quality criteria
  • ... is characterised by its friendly and professional employees as well as by a familial and personal atmosphere.

Ringhotels with the 'German Castles' label

The philosophy of the 'German Castles' hotel line is based upon the Ringhotels philosophy. There are, however, some additional elements applicable specifically to German Castles, because this special label may only be used by hotels which fulfill the following criteria:

  • Historic ambiance and original structure of the hotel or restaurant (no property built after the 19th century qualifies)
  • Modern additions built in the 20th and 21st centuries must fit with the overall historic ambiance of the establishment, restrictions in the size of the business are applicable
  • Furnishing, equipment and amenities must be individual and stylish
  • High quality of cuisine and service is a prerequisite

Qualifying member establishments form part of the Ringhotels cooperative, but are entitled to additionally bear the label 'German Castles'.