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Ringhotel Fährhaus Farge, Bremen-Farge

Location & Routing


From Bremerhaven A 27:
"Dreieck Schwanewede", "Faehre Farge".

From Hamburg - Osnabrück A 1 or Hanover A 7/ 27:
"Bremer Kreuz", from here A27 toward

Bremerhaven - Cuxhaven:
exit "Bremen/Nord", "Elsfleth / Faekren"; A270/ B74 toward Elsfleth/ Berne. Do not leave the A270/ B74. This route leads directly to "Faehrhaus Farge/Faehre"

Alternatively from Osnabrueck - Dortmund A1:
"Dreieck Alhorner Heide A29"; Wilhelmshaven / Oldenburg, exit Elsfleth/ Berne; through Berne to Weserfaehre Bremen-Farge.

Distance To Airport:
Bremen 25 km

Distance To Station:
Bremen-Farge 600 m


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