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Hotels in UK and Ireland

Best Loved Hotels

Feel like you need an island holiday? Then pack your things and head for the United Kingdom! Or why not hop over to Ireland? The Best Loved Hotels offer you a wide array of over 200 hotels, manors and castles all around the British Isles. Become a Lord or Lady of the Manor this holiday!

Tea with the Queen

Das 5-Sterne The Milestone Hotel & Residence liegt mitten im schönen London und gehört zu den Best Loved HotelsLondon – a highly popular tourist destination that’s definitely worth a visit! With exclusive tips from your host, explore everything the city has to offer. The hosts from Best Loved Hotels know their region like the backs of their hands and would be thrilled to help you discover your destination’s hidden gems. Pay no attention to the rumours about British cuisine – local and seasonal ingredients offer culinary delights far exceeding good old fish and chips.

Along with their impressive landscapes, The United Kingdom and Ireland offer a truly unbelievable range of cultural experiences. Have you ever heard of the Loch Ness Monster? Try and find him in his native nature reserve! Historic traces of the Celts, Galls, Angles and Saxons can still be seen on the island today: mystical locations such as Stonehenge will instantly enchant you with their magical aura.

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands

With all these countries to visit, you need a guide you can trust. Whether you’re exploring or on a holiday or short get-away, Best Loved Hotels would be the perfect host. So let your hair down and enjoy your stay!

Entdecken Sie mit unserem Partner der Global Alliance of Private Hotels, den Best Loved Hotels England, Schottland, Wales, Nordirland, die Kanalinseln und IrlandYour next holiday in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel islands is getting closer! Book your hotel accommodation now.

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