Ringhotels Network Energy

Get new energy and enjoy the sun during a course of treatment in the 4-star-superior Ringhotel Vitalhotel ambiente in Bad Wilsnack


Ringhotels e.V. is launching an internal "energy network" that is specially tailored to the needs of its members and revolves around the topics of energy efficiency, energy procurement and sustainability. The network provider is the energy company ENGIE.


The foundation takes place under the umbrella of the "Initiative Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection Networks" of the Federal Government, for which, among others, the Hotel Association of Germany (IHA) is committed.


Energy efficiency, climate protection and sustainability are topics whose importance will continue to increase in the future. Of course, our ringhoteliers have understood this for a long time and have been working – depending on the possibilities – for years on the constant optimization of the energy requirements of their houses. With our 'Ringhotels Netzwerk Energie' we are creating a platform on which knowledge, competence and guidance for the implementation of appropriate measures are bundled and made available to the participating Ringhotels.


We refer to the joint energy efficiency and climate protection initiative of the Hotelverband Deutschland (IHA) and ENGIE, which started in March 2022. We are particularly pleased that we are the first hotel cooperation to implement such a network within cooperation.