German Castles

Ringhotel Schloss Tangermuende in Tangermuende host Melanie Busse

Melanie Busse

Hosts at the Ringhotel Schloss Tangermünde

Welcome to the unique historic estates of the Ringhotels. For all those who are looking for the extraordinary!

The historic properties of the Ringhotels

These places steeped in history are truly exceptional vacation destinations in Germany with a unique atmosphere that will make you lose track of time. Whether it's a romantic weekend for two, a wellness or short break, here you can escape everyday life and immerse yourself in a world full of history. The guests at the Schloss Hotels combine traditional charm with modern comfort, making your stay an extraordinary vacation experience. Dive into this fascinating world and enjoy a very special journey through time.

Good reasons for your vacation at our Gast im Schloss hotels


  • Original structure of the hotel or restaurant
  • Not younger than 19th century
  • Historic ambiance
  • Furnishing and equipment: individual and stylish
  • High quality of cuisine and service
  • Modern additions built in the 20th and 21st centuries fit with the overall historic ambiance of the establishment
Luther feast, featuring music and entertainment in Ringhotel Lutherhotel Eisenacher Hof in Eisenach, 4 star hotel in Thuringian Forest
Lord of the Castle

The regal tradition of the castles and palaces for which Germany is world-famous continues to be cultivated in many of its historic buildings and noble estates. Gleaming silverware, thick walls that protectively envelop guests and inhabitants, and culinary delights conjured from regional ingredients, including fish and game from local waters and reserves.

6RH_Alternative.jpg: Ringhotel Schloss Tangermünde
Historic Places

The hosts of our Gast im Schloss hotels have created extraordinary vacation oases from historic manor houses and estates, charming half-timbered buildings and stately old town houses with care and the right sense of tradition and modernity. With their hospitality, which has been cultivated over many generations, these houses have already made history.

Schlosshotel_Tangermuende_ThomasSasse_341.jpg: restaurant 1699

We look forward to welcoming you to these wonderful historic estates:


Ringhotel Lutherhotel Eisenacher Hof in Eisenach

Ringhotel Schloss Tangermünde in Tangermünde

Ringhotel Jägerhof in Weißenfels