The 2000s

Holiday Leisure Ringhotels 2000s
Travel and Holidays

The Internet is revolutionizing not only music and television, but also travel. Online bookings make it possible to reserve flights, train journeys and hotels yourself. Because more and more information and booking options are available, short vacations can be taken spontaneously. Germans take short vacations more often, and hiking and cycling tourism in particular benefit from this.

Travel Planner from Ringhotels 2000s
In Ringhotels

Ringhotels are also moving with the times. Communication with the guest now takes place on more and more digital channels. In 2004, Ringhotels introduced its own online-based bonus program with a club character: the RinghotelsCard. With this customer card, loyal guests collect rings and enjoy exclusive services and offers. Ringhotels also use their high profile to bring joy to others. In 2004, they began supporting Dolphin Aid. In 2008, Ringhotels became a donation partner of the umbrella organization Clowns in Medicine and Care Germany.

Gastronomy in Ringhotels in the 2000s
Return to Regional and Seasonal Selection

With the dawn of the new millennium, two aspects are gaining importance in gastronomy that have never really gone away from the kitchens of the Ringhotels: the regional and seasonal selection of fresh foods. Guests appreciate both regional country cuisine in smart guest rooms and exquisite feasting in fine evening restaurants. Guests want to eat well and feel good at the same time. But that doesn't require five to seven courses. It is more important that the offered dishes are cooked in excellent quality.