The 1980s

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Travel und Holidays

In the 1980s, vacation and air tourism really blossomed. Germans become "travel world champions" in this decade, and they remain so to this day! The proportion of trips abroad increases: in 1989, 69 percent of all German vacations are taken abroad. In addition to traveling, payment at home and abroad becomes much easier - and cashless, as credit cards get established. And because making phone calls is expensive, people only call occasionally while on the road, and are otherwise unavailable to their parents or boss. Freedom!

Ringhotels in the 80s
In Ringhotels

In the Ringhotels, the 1980s marked a surge in development. In the future, the slightly more than 100 member establishments will change their name and announce themselves with Ringhotel and the respective place name. The Ringhotels are up to date and also already accept credit cards.

Breakfast menu at Ringhotels in the 80s
The World on the Guest's Plate

In the 1980s, previously unknown or hardly available food products came into the country from ever more distant regions. Thanks to increasing air traffic, fruit, fish, vegetables and spices are suddenly available from all over the world. For chefs, it offers new creative possibilities: The more exotic the ingredients, the better. People want to and can serve the world on their plates. And another trend is emerging at this time: Familiar fruit and vegetables are suddenly available fresh all year round, whether apples, strawberries or asparagus.