The 1990s

Holiday Leisure Ringhotels 90s
Travel and Holidays

With the fall of the Wall, East Germans gain unaccustomed freedom to travel. This leads to new records in tourism and gives the old federal states a powerful boost. In the five new federal states, private hotels first have to re-establish themselves after the end of the state recreation system. In the second half of the 1990s, a new phenomenon appears in air travel: Travel to exotic countries experienced a significant upswing thanks to low-cost airline tickets.

Ringhotels logo of the 90s
In Ringhotels

From 1997, the Ringhotels are connected to the international electronic reservation system Amadeus. Communication runs via fax. A customer loyalty program is launched for the numerous regular guests, and the Ringuruh, which is also available as a soft toy, is created for the younger guests.

Gastronomy in Ringhotels in the 90s
Return of the Classics and Light Cuisine

In the 1990s, three trends dominated gastronomy. On the one hand, there was a preference for regional and seasonal products, and a return to classic recipes with a slightly lighter interpretation. Globalization in travel is also reflected on the plate. TexMex cuisine with chili con carne is just as popular as sushi, tom kha gai and stir-fried vegetables. The Italian restaurant around the corner continues to enjoy great popularity. More and more Germans are getting to know and love Mediterranean cuisine in Italy, Spain and France.